About Me

oyster mushrooms indoor growing

Hi, I’m Eyal, a 42-year-old who’s passionate about medicinal mushrooms, cooking, and a healthy lifestyle. My journey includes growing, cooking, and even supplementing with these remarkable fungi, especially my favorite – the oyster mushroom! Welcome to my blog, where I’ll share this delicious and nourishing adventure with you.

How I Got Started

I used to wake up feeling unfocused and drained. A colleague suggested trying oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms. Intrigued, I began experimenting with them in my cooking and as supplements. The results were incredible: heightened focus, renewed energy, and a newfound enthusiasm for life.

Learning About Different Mushrooms

My kitchen became a place of exploration as I cooked with fresh mushrooms, dried varieties, and even mushroom powders I found online. From calming Reishi mushrooms to energizing Cordyceps, each new mushroom added flavor and health benefits to my meals. They became essential ingredients in my culinary experiments.

Growing Mushrooms and Sharing My Passion

Not all medicinal mushrooms are available where I live, so I started growing my own, beginning with oyster mushrooms. The thrill of harvesting and cooking with my mushrooms was indescribable. I also found reliable sources online for dried mushrooms and supplements, expanding my culinary and nutritional repertoire.

Cooking, Fitness, and Healthy Living

Cooking with mushrooms and incorporating them into my diet as supplements is part of a broader lifestyle. I focus on fresh foods, regular exercise, and good sleep. Here, you’ll find mushroom-infused recipes, workout tips, and sleep advice, all part of a holistic approach to wellness.

Please Note

While I’ve spent years exploring mushrooms and their benefits, I’m self-taught, not a nutritionist. Always consult a healthcare professional or your doctor before trying new supplements or dietary changes.

Come Join Me

Whether you’re intrigued by mushrooms, cooking, fitness, or living well, I invite you to explore with me. Discover new recipes, learn about mushroom supplements, and delve into a world of flavor and health. Let’s cook, grow, and thrive together!